Israeli Visa & Passport Photos


Below is an outline of Israeli Passport and Visa Photo Requirements

  • Color picture in a high resolution (no video images)
  • Uniforms are not allowed
  • No dark lenses or shadows cast by the frame of the glasses
  • No obstructions of the face (like hair or anything in the way)
  • Light colored background
  • Photo paper must be thin
  • Overall photo size is 35 x 45 mm
  • Israeli Passport photos must have a head size between 25mm -35mm
  • They must appear in clear/good quality
  • They must be printed on good quality photographic paper
  • Show the full face from the front view (both ears should be showing)
  • The passport photos must have been taken within the last six months
  • Colour Photographs only, no Black and white
  • Israeli passport photos also specify that the subject should be neatly dressed