South Africa Visa & Passport Photos

Passport Photos

Below is an outline of South African Passport Photo Requirements.

  • South African Passport photos must be 45mm in length
  • The photo width must be 35mm
  • Both BW photos and colour photos are accepted
  • The background of the photo should be plain and free of shadows
  • Only the head and shoulders of the person should be included in the photo
  • Chin to crown measurement between 22mm – 25mm
  • No head-gear or veil are allowed in South African Passport photos
  • No Jewellry or excessive make up
  • Spectacles may be worn provided that the lenses do not make the eyes invisible
  • Spectacles with dark lenses may be worn if the person is blind
  • The full-face photographed directly from the front
  • No holes, scratches, pencil or ink marks or in any other manner
  • Passport photographs taken at photo booths are not acceptable