UK Passport & Visa Photos


An outline of UK Passport and Visa Photo Requirements.

  • Two identical photos, 45mm by 35mm on a light gray background
  • The passport photo must stand out clearly against the background
  • The photos must be undamaged – no creases caused by paper clips
  • The head size in the UK passport photo must measure between 29 and 34mm
  • The passport and visa photos must be properly focused and clear
  • No shadows are allowed in UK passport and visa photos
  • You must be facing forwards with a neutral expression
  • Do not show your teeth and keep your mouth closed
  • Grinning, raised eyebrows and frowning are unacceptable
  • Your eyes must be open and clearly visible in British Passport Photos
  • There must be no hair obscuring your eyes, sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • The frame of the glasses must not cover up any part of your eyes
  • We advise our customers to remove their glasses
  • Head coverings are allowed only for religious or medical reasons